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Arcadia D3+ T8 Forest Lamp

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Forest species such as the Day Gecko, require lower levels of UVB and should be kept under an appropriate size of UVB 6% UV-B D3 lamp, which contains ample levels of UV-B radiation for such species.
• The D3 range of lamps is deal for use shorter enclosures for partial shade dwelling animals
• For Forest Species
• 6% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3
• 30% UVA
• Produces excellent natural colours
• Longest lasting bulb on the market!

The Benefits of T8 Technology.

The Arcadia D3 Reptile lamp has a high UVA output (30%), providing all the elements which are so vital to the welfare of the reptiles. As a full spectrum lamp, the Arcadia D3 Reptile lamp simulates sunlight. This provides high colour rendering for enhanced viewing of your reptiles and their environment. The colour temperature of 6,500K replicates typical daylight conditions.

Code Watt Length Diameter Lumens Temp UV-A UV-B Reflector*
FD315 15w 18" 450mm T8-26mm 300lm 6600k 6% 30% ALR15
FD318 18w 24" 600mm T8-26mm 450lm 6600k 6% 30% ALR18
FD330 30w 36" 900mm T8-26mm 1000lm 6600k 6% 30% ALR30
FD336 36w 48" 1200mm T8-26mm 1200lm 6600k 6% 30% ALR36



Arcadia Reptile Lighting


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